Bill Toma, Fine Art Bronze Sculptor, unveils his
Greek Mythology Series at the International ArtExpo

Internationally recognized, fine art bronze sculptor, Bill Toma, unveiled his Greek Mythology Series at the International ArtExpo at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City, February 26th 2004.

Ulysses, Achilles, Trojan Horse and Psyche will be the first in a series of Bill Toma Fine Art Bronze sculptures, based on the legendary characters of Greek mythology, which will also include Penelope and others.

“Ulysses” - This historic artwork will show Ulysses resting before the walls of Troy, possibly contemplating a Trojan horse. Bill Toma has captured the beauty of the Greek armor, especially the exquisitely designed Corinthian-type helmets with their horse hair plumage created in the 8th Century B.C. The designs on Ulysses’ helmet are authentic patterns from the Greek Period as well as his sword and waist armor. However, there are a few embellishments (artist’s license) to further the overall effect.

“Achilles’ Rage”- Achilles’ rage at the death of his dearest friend, Patroklos, by the hand of Hector, brings him back into the battle to seek revenge. This piece depicts Achilles as he discovers Hector. Wearing his new armor brought to him by his mother, the Sea Goddess, Thetis, Achilles aggressively strides head down with ferocious determination to engage Hector.

“The Trojan Horse”- The Trojan Horse was the brainchild of Ulysses who was known for his cleverness and cunning. This deception ended the ten-year siege of Troy. The construction of the Trojan Horse will simulate in bronze all the wooden detain that was most likely present in the original. Bill Toma has invited Jim Franzen to do the illustration and Russ Farrell to create the colors in a collaborative effort that brought much recognition from their 20 years working together in creating official Disney bronze sculptures.

The magic, mystery and imaginative spirit of sculptor Bill Toma is captured in his wide variety of subject matter. The Human Form, Renaissance Harlequins, Fantasy, Wildlife and the Greek Mythology Series are all created by this adventuresome artist. His painstaking attention to detail and his conscious endeavor to create symbolism in his work solidify in unison to form magnificent bronze sculptures. So extraordinarily detailed and exquisitely finished are Bill Toma’s works that he had been under an exclusive contract with Walt Disney World, Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company for two decades, creating and producing the Disney characters everyone knows and loves in limited editions.

Copyright Toma Fine Art 2004