Cash Appeal Entertainment, Inc. and Cash Appeal MultiMedia, Inc. are privately held Miami Beach, Florida based companies founded in 1996 and 1998, respectfully. The company vision is to match an elite stable of prominent artists with Cash Appeal’s client base of professional sports leagues, celebrity merchandisers and major corporations. By melding the artist creation with the client’s image and brand, Cash Appeal produces a product of which both are proud to be associated.

The client may then utilize the art for their internal marketing, branding and relationship building initiatives, while Cash Appeal also offers it to the general public through the client and other appropriate distribution channels, resulting in recognition and financial gain for all partnering parties. Our goal is to be the leader in this market.

Cash Appeal’s business philosophy weaves continuous threads of insistent quality and integrity through the fabric of our culture. Our fine art products radiate a fresh, unique aura and our executive management is seasoned in their strategic understanding of how to bring these products to market, while simultaneously furthering our client’s and artist’s brands.

We truly believe that business can be conducted in a win-win situation for all affiliates, including artists, clients, marketing partners, suppliers, investors and ourselves. It is this methodology of everyone benefiting from the achievement of common goals that makes what we do stimulating and rewarding for all participants. We take great pride in conducting business in this environment, Where Appealing Images are a way of Life

Cash McMahon
President & CEO

Cash McMahon represents the embodiment of great American entrepreneurial spirit. A visionary and strategist, Mr. McMahon has been involved in a number of start-up businesses over his career that has provided a successful foundation of Cash Appeal.

Mr. McMahon founded Cash Appeal Entertainment, Inc. in 1997 that focused on television production and promotions. Cash Appeal MultiMedia, Inc was founded in 1999 on a concept of building artists into popular art brands and in turn utilizing that artwork to further the marketing and branding strategies of corporate clients, professional sports leagues and celebrity merchandisers.

Acting as a business consultant to International companies, his strong background in marketing, branding, promotions and events productions has served as an ideal compliment to his strategic thinking. Mr. McMahon graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Christopher Burke
Executive Vice-President

Executive Vice President, Cash Appeal MultiMedia, is a versatile and dynamic executive with over twenty years of successful experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of marketing, sales and technology management.

Mr. Burke functioned for seven years as a Managing Director for two Wall Street management and systems consulting companies, Cotelligent and Matlen Silver. In these capacities, Mr. Burke maintained profit center responsibility and oversaw sales, marketing, recruiting and delivery. Clients were predominantly investment banks and major brokerages.

Prior to that, Mr. Burke was a Senior Account Executive in the performance improvement industry with Maritz and BI Performance Services, solving critical business issues of Fortune 500 companies with cohesively integrated marketing solutions, such as incentive programs, database marketing, multimedia, market research, promotions, product launches, meeting services, etc.

Mr. Burke is also a talented writer, having recently completed his first novel, “A Bite From The Apple.” He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida.

Charlotte Barron
Special Projects

Special Projects Coordinator, Cash Appeal MultiMedia, is an analytical, yet creative business manager with approximately fifteen years of experience in the advertising, entertainment and restaurant industries.

In Hong Kong, China, Ms. Barron served as Art Director of advertising Agency DMB&B, prior to its acquisition by Publicis. Responsible for a number of major corporate accounts, including Mars, Maybelline, Budweiser, Cartier, Hermes and Fendi, she oversaw all areas of art direction for her clients, including corporate imaging, print, film and video production, set and interior design.

In Miami, FL., Ms. Barron’s career followed an entrepreneurial direction, functioning as General Manager and co-principle of several Miami Beach restaurant and nightclub concerns, including The Tropics International, Rose’s Bar and Music Lounge and the multi-location Charlotte’s Chinese Kitchen. Ms. Barron was also a partner in the jazz recording label, Dragon Rose Records.

Ms. Barron received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications from the University of Birmingham, England, following an undergraduate education at prestigious convent and boarding schools in Hong Kong, China and Bristol, England.








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