Icon Art Images oversees the careers of talented artists to insure that their unique talents are identified, developed and maximized from a creative, as well as financial and recognition perspective. Icon Art Images provides guidance to the artist, while implementing sound strategies designed to achieve their career goals and ambitions.

Licensing provides an understanding and agreement between Icon Art Images and the artist, where Icon Art Images is able to market the artist’s creations in a manner satisfactory to the artist, with the artist receiving royalty payments from sales revenue.

Branding enables Icon Art Images to make the artist’s work more recognizable to the public.
By defining an artist through their brand, it allows for building on that brand and creating on-going value for the artwork in the marketplace.

Artists, being the creative forces they are, generally direct their energies toward artistic development, rather than the strategic business acumen required to capitalize on their fine art creations. First focusing on the brand image of his or her art, Icon Art Images devises an individual blueprint for each artist we represent. While never compromising artistic integrity, we work in unison to steer their creative force in a direction that makes fiscal sense. Cash Appeal provides sapient guidance on the actual creations and image of the artist in the community and marketplace. We also design and implement sound marketing and branding strategies utilizing effective distribution channels, promotions and public relations vehicles leading to pride, recognition and material achievement for our valued creative partners.

Icon Art Images views our artist clients as unique individuals with special gifts. They merit the admiration, respect, reverence and commendation from our society, while reaping the correlating rewards for effectuating such distinctive contributions into our world. Icon Art Images is committed to helping our creative partners achieve the hopes and dreams they so richly deserve.



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