Icon Art Images develops and builds an artist’s creative efforts into a recognizable and marketable brand, resulting in added value for the artist, as well as the Icon Art Images clients associated with the branded art.

The branding strategy of an artist’s name is a way to make the public identify with the artist’s work and be able to depend on a certain consistency and quality of expectations from that artist. By defining an artist through their brand, it allows for building on that brand and creating on-going value from a worth perspective, as well as an enhanced commodity when marketing through wholesale and retail distribution channels. Artist branding helps the public identify the artist’s personal style with that recognizable brand. Notable examples of artists who understand the importance of this strategy and have become very successful because of it are Thomas Kincaid, Peter Max and LeRoy Neimann, right down to his trademark handlebar mustache.

By melding the artist’s creation and brand with the client’s all-important brand image, Icon Art Images creates a product both are proud to be associated with, and then markets that product through appropriate channels resulting in recognition and financial gain for all partnering parties.

Icon Art Images’ clients, who include professional sports leagues and associations, celebrity merchandisers and large corporations, capitalize on the fine art image of their organization in a multitude of ways. Revenues are generated through licensing royalties on the sale of the art, astutely orchestrated by Icon Art Images through marketing, promotional and public relations strategies addressing the appropriate wholesale and retail distribution channels. Additionally, the artwork personifying the brand image of the Icon Art Images client acts as an ideal gift mechanism for marketing, branding, charity and relationship building initiatives, with the originals normally displayed in high profile locations.

Icon Art Images clients understand the enormous importance of judiciously protecting, promoting and projecting their brand image in a manner consistent with their aggregate organizational mission, message and personality. The utilization of fine art as a vehicle for their corporate diplomacy communicates quality, appreciation and eternal tribute to a most worthy and prideful entity.





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