Icon Art Images Studios acts as a licensor of artist creations, formulating marketing and branding strategies designed to further recognition and financial success.

Licensing is an agreement process where one entity allows another entity the right to market their product or image in a mutually beneficial manner consistent to the wishes of both parties. This affords Icon Art Images the opportunity to develop and nurture the artist’s brand into a marketable commodity, with the artist receiving royalties on all monies generated from the effort.

Artists, being the creative forces they are, generally direct their energies toward artistic development rather than the strategic business acumen required to capitalize on their fine art creations. First focusing on turning his or her art into a recognizable brand image, Icon Art Images devises an individual blueprint for each artist we represent. While never compromising artistic integrity, we work in unison to steer their creative force in a direction that makes fiscal sense. Icon Art Images provides sapient guidance on the actual creations and image of the artist in the community and marketplace. We also design and implement sound marketing strategies utilizing effective distribution channels, promotions and public relations vehicles, leading to pride, recognition and material achievement for our valued creative partners.

Icon Art Images acts as a licensee to professional sports leagues and associations, celebrity merchandisers and large corporations. We expand the pure art form of our creative partners into fresh, unique vehicles used by these clients to enhance their brand, energize their public relations and philanthropic efforts and strengthen relationships with their VIP business associates, marketing partners and distribution channels alike. Icon Art Images works with client management, suggesting dependable strategies that unfold in a synergistic manner with their more aggregate business direction, helping to insure the productivity and success of their key initiatives, while also generating revenues through royalties.

By melding the artist creation with the client’s image and brand, Icon Art Image screates a product both are proud to be associated with, and then markets that product through appropriate channels resulting in recognition and financial gain for all partnering parties. Licensing agreements organize this process and allow it to unfold in a manner that is satisfactory and protective of all parties.




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