Icon Art Images Studios recognizes the importance the media plays in the communication and successful launch of an initiative in today’s society. Our value added public relations support insures that our artist partners and clients take full advantage of this critical element.

In today’s ever changing world, media, information and technology are primary factors towards success. Icon Art Images Studios understands the significance of these variables and the power generated through the media, if handled and implemented properly.

We steer our artist’s brand through a labyrinth of pitfalls, carefully guiding the brand and image to its desired effect through the compelling clout of the media. We realize how quickly the media can change the fortunes of an artist and his or her brand, sometimes by one well placed print article or news media appearance, often with a celebrity or sports star attachment.

Our public relations involvement insures that our client’s marketing, branding and licensing initiatives involving our artist’s creations are met with positive, cooperative enthusiasm by our media contacts. Icon Art Images Studios understands the importance of our working relationship with them and steadfastly strives to nurture that relationship in a positive direction for all concerned.









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